February 2013 Second Sunday

Ordinary events on ordinary days

Ordinary events on ordinary days—we often take them for granted. But it’s often the most common events that are the most meaningful. And of those common events, family meal time may be one of the most special but often one of the most neglected in our society. When I first met the man who would

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Thoughts from our Youth Director – Germar Townsand

In the most recent YG013 meeting, we discussed expectations – what we expect, what God expects, and what our family and friends expect. There are Bible verses that cover the God part, but I mostly ignored those and let the group tell me what they felt.  In my opinion, aldea youth sorta just “get it.”

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Ground breaking

Join us for our ground breaking ceremony

With our development plans approved and contractors hired, we are just about ready to start our building process.  There are still many little details that have to be finalized, but with shovels donned, we will ceremoniously “begin” our journey.   Bring a shovel and help us “turn” the first bit of dirt.  Coffee, bagels and

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La Aldea DP and LP-4

Hoooraaaaayyyyyy………Our Development Plan has been approved!!!!!!!!

We are proud to announce that our development plan has been approved and we can start moving forward with construction.  We’ll be pulling permits within the next two weeks.  We are hoping to get all subcontractor bids in this week and we’ll be awarding contracts by the end of the week.  The plan is to

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Update to Development plan

Our new development plan has been submitted and we hope to hear back from Development services within the first week of January, 2013.  If all goes well, we’ll be pulling our grading permits and begin moving dirt. We will be meeting with contractors and awarding contracts for bids very soon. Stay tuned!!      

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