“Mary & Martha – celebrating the present moment”

   This Sunday we continue our message series called, Legends with “Mary & Martha – celebrating the present moment” See you at 10:00am

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  Easter Gathering  Please note the two gathering times This will be our first Easter Sunday in our new building.  We hope you join will join us and we encourage everyone to invite your friends and family.   Join us this Sunday as we begin a 5 week series entitled;  “Legends – finding inspiration from

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This Sunday at Aldea

This Sunday at aldea

We wrap up our series, “We” by looking at Planners & Procrastinators. What makes each of them tic? How can we embrace the qualities of one or the other? Are you a Planner or Procrastinator? Looking forward to exploring this together at aldea this Sunday at 10:00am If you missed any of these in the past, click here to

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Innies & Outies (intoverts, extroverts)

This Sunday we will have more fun as we discuss our personalities and why our differences are so important. See you at 10:00am. If you love Aldea, why not invite someone to love Aldea with you this Sunday?

This Sunday at Aldea

Thinkers and Feelers

This Sunday we continue our series called “We” as we take a look at Thinkers and Feelers. Are you a thinker or feeler? See you at 10:00 AM