Drop by Drop

Drop By Drop I stumbled upon this quote in a book I’ve begun reading for an upcoming series at aldea. The book is by a neuropsychologist named Rick Hanson; it’s entitled Hardwiring Happiness. In the book, he quotes from the Dhammapada—a collection of the Buddha’s sayings. Think not lightly of good, saying, “It will not

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Thich Nhat Hanh is a Zen Buddhist monk—a teacher, author, poet, and activist for peace. He has authored dozens of books, including the delightful Living Buddha, Living Christ. One of my favorite quotes from his teaching summarizes beautifully for me the daily call to practice: Let us make today the happiest day of our lives.

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A Spine Like Jesus



Aldea Survey

Hello! We are undertaking a project to characterize our community so that we can make an even better experience for those who attend Aldea The project – a demographic survey which we are asking each person to complete Survey responses are anonymous!  Click image or here to take the survey. Thank you, The Aldea Leadership

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I admit it; I love chick flicks. I say that with little to no shame. I’m an enlightened male in touch with the sensitive side of life. When I watch feel good movies…I feel good. They don’t have to have Amy Adams in them, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have her in the lead

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Gratitude Works!

Last Sunday at Aldea, I made this observation: Grateful people live better lives. People who live with a prevailing sense of gratitude tend to experience more deeply such positives as joy, love, and happiness. They tend to be more optimistic about the future and more resilient in times of difficulty. Grateful people are less encumbered

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