huggerSo I met with a certain staff member this morning. No need for names, but this person recently embraced the practice of hugging in his life. It’s Phil—in case you didn’t figure it out on your own.

At our planning meeting, he raised the topic of blogging. Again. He encouraged me to continue the practice. And, of course, he’s right. It’s a good practice. It has potential value for the Aldea community—to keep us connected and communicating.

In this way, I find in blogging a metaphor for life and its practices.

There are so many good things to do, things that add value and meaning to life. In my own world, I’m aware that growth is a matter not just practice, but continuing committed practice. Daily practice. If I meditate consistently, I feel the value. If I meditate occasionally… If I make a space for reading daily, I feel the value. If I read occasionally… Si practico todos los días, realmente aprendo algo. Si no… Well, you get the picture.

So much of life is determined by our daily practice. What practices might you reengage in to create the experience you’d like to have? What practices are you doing really well at that you can celebrate?

Here’s to practice and its mundane brilliance.


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