bepresent“We are always turning our mind to something, be it how ready we are for our lunch break, what sort of clothes we want to buy, or how much farther we have to go on a long jog. Let us turn our mind to whatever is going on right now. Just be present.”

Lodro Rinzler – The Buddha Walks into a Bar

I love this time of year. I love the way our Sonoran desert shifts and embraces something akin to winter. I love the chill of the morning air. I love the opportunity to build an occasional fire in the backyard and let its dance mesmerize me.

I love sharing Thanksgiving with people I adore—the smells of turkey as it cooks, the taste of pumpkin pie, the laughter of family and friends.

I love being in first place in both my fantasy football leagues! And don’t even get me started on my first-place Vikings.

I love the way Christmas lights begin illuminating the neighborhood. I love the traditions surrounding Christmastime.

What I struggle with, at times, is just how quickly it all goes by. I look forward to the holiday season all year, and if I’m not careful, it’s gone—it’s passed by me in a flash. Or, more honestly, I’ve rushed by it in a constant state of…something else.

The challenge is to be aware, present, and mindful. And so, I appreciate the words from Lodro Rinzler: Let us turn our mind to whatever is going on right now.  Just be present.

This is a timely word for me today—perhaps for you, as well.

This season, I am seeking to be present, to turn my mind to the people and the experiences and the beauty and even the struggles of the moment. I am also seeking to slow the pace of my internal world, to resist the “many and muchness” that can easily become my distraction.

Breathe slowly. Repeat. Smile at this moment and embrace the wonder that is here right now. Here’s to a great holiday season!

Kevin Skinner

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