lifeA small group of us gathered for dinner last night. A couple friends were visiting from out of town, and we had the rare treat of being able to spend some time with them. We shared a nice meal of carne asada, pollo asado, Syl’s homemade frijoles refritos. Great stuff. And we shared fond conversation, as well.


I love the people who gathered on my patio last night. I love those who fill my relational world.

We began our time with a toast honoring a mutual friend, Tom, who suddenly and unexpectedly passed away last week. He was 44 years old and in the prime of life. He was also a really good person—a husband, father, community leader. His loss and its suddenness is a bit disorienting.

Life is this. Life is impermanent. And it is beautiful.

Today, and over the past few days, as I reflect on Tom’s life, I am aware of both the beauty and impermanence of life. I am aware of the invitation to live mindfully and completely in this moment. Take in the beauty. Be present to the people I love. Realize the sacredness of today and live it fully.

Today, I encourage you to be exactly where you are. Fully. Mindfully. Gratefully. And I encourage you to speak words of love and appreciation to those near you. Today, in the words of the apostle

Paul from Scripture: Let love be your highest goal.

There are inevitably things we will all regret in our lives; loving well those around us will not be one of them.

Here’s to Life. Here’s to Today. And here’s to Tom.



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