Title: Director of Family Programs

What kind of stuff do you end up doing at Aldea?
I am in charge of planning stuff for the kids.  We have our own program during the Sunday services, but also have own own events.  I also plan childrens’ activities for our big group events.

What kind of training or experience did you have before Aldea?
During the week, I am a pediatric physical therapist.  I have always loved working with kids and think it is very important to include them in all that we do.

If you could add an extra secret day between Friday and Saturday, what would you use that time for?
First, I would probably try to organize my house.  Then I would probably find a good book to read while eating a chocolate croissant and drinking a hazelnut mocha latte.

Tell us about your family:
I have been married to Rob for 20 years.  We have a two daughters and two dogs.  I grew up in Yuma and still have family there so we actually go there for holidays!

What’s your favorite way to show love to a complete stranger?
I tend to be kind of shy so I like to do “unseen” things like put money in an expired parking meter, donating items to families in need, or dropping off a meal to someone.

Recommended Reading List:
I have to admit that my reading list is not exactly academic or spiritual in nature.  I love mysteries, scary stories, and romances.  I love Harlan Coben, Kay Hooper, Stephen King, and even some Dean Koontz.  Reading is my complete escape from everyday reality.