Rob Curcio

Name:  Robert Rocky Curcio

What is your official title?
Volunteer Coordinator

What kind of stuff do you end up doing at aldea?
I run the “Day to day operations” at aldea.  Basically, I help with supervision of office and accounting volunteers, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, reporting and analysis of financial data and providing feedback to the Leadership Team on the financial affairs of the church. Additional responsibilities include the daily and ongoing business administration tasks of the community.  In a nutshell I keep the lights on, the floors clean and the bills paid.

What kind of training or experience did you have before aldea?  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant management with a minor in Business administration.  I am also a Licensed Real Estate and Business Broker.

If you could add an extra secret day between Friday and Saturday, what would you use that time for?  I spend a lot of Friday and Saturday nights playing with my band in and around Tucson, so an extra day to be spent with family and some needed R&R would be great.

Tell us about your family:  I was born a poor black child with no rhythm.  LOL  No actually, I was born in Poughkeepsie, NY to an Italian family.  I am the first generation in my family to be born in the US.  My dad owned and operated a small Italian Pizzeria which is where I got my first experience in the food and beverage industry.  I married my College sweetheart Michelle, who is the children’s director here at aldea, and have two wonderful and beautiful daughters, Mikayla and Nicolette.  Both Mikayla and Nicolette are involved in Music, singing, dance, theater, athletics.  Man they keep their mom really busy.  ; – )

What’s your favorite way to show love to a complete stranger?
Just about anything I can do for them with no strings attached and no judgment.  For example,  How would you feel if;  You drove up to a drive through window and found out that the car ahead of you paid for your meal?  Or standing in line at the grocery store and finding out that the person in line ahead of you paid for a portion of your groceries;  Or how about going up to your bar tender and finding out that your tab had been paid for and never knowing who paid for it?  Or working on a Habitat for Humanity build alongside of the family that will eventually live there;  Or being a teacher and having someone bring enough school supplies for your entire class for the whole year;  Or having a total stranger pull over to help you fix a flat;  Or being homeless on the corner and having someone stop by every day to have some conversation and bring you a cold bottle of water;  Or being a gay man or woman, and being treated like a human being and not like you are “different”.  Man there are so many ways you can give back and show your love for someone.  EVERY DAY.  Whether they are in need of financial support or just a little something to get by right now so that they don’t get eaten up by the downward spiral that may follow if they don’t get some help.   It doesn’t have to be financial.  It can simply be an act of doing things together that doesn’t come along with the strings that are normally attached or the judgment that usually follows.

You’ll have to get reading and movie pics from the more cerebral group on our staff.  I read stuff like business and investment books, music, hunting, and car mags.  I watch Sports and Hunting shows on TV.  I’m a bit of a “hick” in that regards and yes I do like an occasional corndog.

Key team members.

Kevin Skinner, Senior Leader at aldea

Kevin Skinner

Senior Leader


Phil Thompson

Executive Pastor


Debbie Sprenger

Youth Director


Michelle Curcio

Director of Family Programs

annie (1)

Annie Hawkins

Music Director


Rob Curcio

Volunteer Coordinator