“The intelligent want self-control; children want candy.”


Let’s be honest. According to Rumi’s wisdom, there are times when we’re intelligent, and there are times when we’re children. There are times when we are paragons of self-control and willpower, and there are times when all we can think about is candy-in whatever form it happens to take at the moment.

As a new year begins, we tend to review our living over the past year. We aspire to grow and improve in the coming year. We resolve to make some positive changes. Such things are predictable. Although New Year’s Resolutions get a lot of bad press and earned skepticism, there’s great power in determining our course of action for the coming days, weeks, months and year. There’s great potential in resolving to move toward our best selves.

This Sunday at aldea, we will kick off 2013 with a message entitle This Year… What are your aspirations for the year? What are you willing to do to bring them to life? I hope you’ll be there and be part of the fun this Sunday. As always, the music will be fantastic, the community will be welcoming, and the message will be encouraging.

Beginning next Sunday, we start a new series called The Willpower Challenge: Unleashing your best self. It promises to be a good series with lots of practical help to leverage willpower in turning our aspirations into our accomplishments.

If you love aldea, why not invite someone to love it with you!

Happy New Year and here’s to 2013!





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