“Our lives are a playground for us to enjoy.”

Lodro Rinzler

I offer the above quote for you to consider, even as I consider it myself. Included in these words is an invitation to be mindful and to be grateful. Actually, mindfulness and gratitude seem to go hand-in-hand much of the time. The more present I am to the beauty around me, the more I tend to be filled with gratitude. The more haggard, driven, busy, frenetic I am, the more challenging gratitude becomes.

Mindfulness-living fully present in the moment-seems almost to guarantee the experience of gratitude. I think this is true even when life has, as it always seems to have, difficulties and challenges and unresolved issues.

Today, I encourage you to take a strategic pause in the routine of the day. During this pause, simply breathe. Let your mind wander over the people who bring a smile to your face and warm your heart. Let your mind relive some of the moments recently and long-ago passed. Welcome the gratitude that will inevitably flow.


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