Are You in Rhythm?

There is a rhythm in life, a certain beauty which operates by a variation of lights and shadows, happiness alternating with sorrow, content with discontent, distilling in this process of contrast a sense of satisfaction, of richness that can be captured and pinned down only by those who possess the gift of awareness. - Louis Bromfield

What does it mean to live in the rhythms of life and how can we deepen our connection to those rhythms?

There is a way to live that honors and aligns to the rhythms found in nature, human cultures, and the cosmos itself. When we fall out of rhythm our lives can seem at odds with “the way of things.” Living in rhythm is about embracing all of the sides, circles, and cycles of life. It creates a flow that enriches our lives while inviting us to a full experience of what life can be – all the challenges and possibilities.

This Aldea Explores Series, The Rhythms of Life, will support your journey into honoring ancient and contemporary rhythms that make life meaningful. We’ll provide:

  • Weekly thoughts/blogs about the topic of the week
  • A weekly podcast that focuses on the topic of the week
  • A reflective guide you can use for individual or group exploration

You can also join us each week in April 2021 for a live zoom gathering that explores the weekly topic. These gatherings occur Sunday’s at 10 a.m. PST time. You can also watch the gathering on our stream here on our website at 10 a.m. PST.