This week, the Aldea community finishes its current series: Civility: Finding the common good in a fragmented world. Today explore a conversation with Jesse Daniels. We explore with Jesse how small conversations can yield big consequences and how to better use even emotionally charged conversations to increase understanding and community. This is a critical skill we need if we are to create more civil relationships, particularly when we disagree. 

Jesse Daniels lives in Southwest Florida. He spent his career in broadcasting – both as a media personality and sales manager for broadcast companies. Jesse’s warm and compassionate manner comes from his deep passion to seek transcendence and transformation. He is an avid reader, thinker, explorer, and likes to describe himself as a conversational flaneur. Jesse is a passionate community member and gives of his time to a number of important endeavors, including his work with Collaboratory in Southwest Florida. 

Viewing and Listening Options

There are both audio and video versions of the conversation. The audio conversation can be listened to in its entirety by clicking the audio file (at the bottom of this page) or on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The video version is separated into three videos: a guided meditation (this is not on the audio version), the main conversation, and an After-Cast that augments the main conversation with more insights to explore. 

You can control the pacing of the experience by stopping and advancing the videos as you see fit. After you watch, download the guide and use it as an on ramp for personal reflection or group discussion. Don’t feel like you have to cover everything in the guide or even watch the entire video. Watch what you can and find the helpful elements on the guide. The guide is meant to stimulate thoughts and conversation. Use it to support your own exploration. 

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