“Emptiness is the best starting point. So, let go of all your prejudices and be neutral. Do you know why this glass is so useful? Because it’s empty. ”

-Bruce Lee

What does this quote have to do with loving difficult or unlovable people? Take some time to ponder it. Is there something within me that makes it hard to love difficult people? Am I full of something that keeps me bound to ill will? These are hard questions to ponder, particularly when we feel wounded or deeply irritated by another person. But is there something for us to learn about ourselves when we encounter the unlovable? If so, how do we empty ourselves our own ill will without becoming a door mat or unable to speak truth in love?

Ponder this idea today and join us this Sunday as we continue our current Sunday Series, Ripples of Love. We’ll explore how to love difficult people and remind ourselves that we too are, at times, the difficult one.

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Join us and bring a friend as we explore together.