Why do we like stories and movies? I suppose the answers to that question could be as varied as the number of respondents. One thing is for certain though, we like movies and stories because well, we are one.

The third week of our Aldea Explores Series, Know Thyself,  focuses on a core element of self-knowledge: Curiosity. At the heart of personal transformation is a curiosity about your life and the story unfolding within and around you.  There aren’t many things that pique our interest better than a good story or movie.


Your are a Story with All the Elements of a Good One


A curiosity to notice yourself in the midst of your story makes reflection and transformation possible. It begin with a curious “want” to explore the inner and outer terrain of your life.

This coming Sunday at 10 am PST, you can join the Aldea community to consider this important topic. After the Sunday gathering, you’ll be able to access a podcast and reflective guide to further explore living a responsible life.

Bring your curiosity about you and your story into every moment and you’re taking the first step into your own transformation.

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