The irony of being human is that to become yourself, you have to lose yourself and then recreate a better version. This “losing and creating” is a lifelong endeavor. To do this, we must take deliberate steps to shun fear and engage growth. Though exciting, growth is also full of challenges, heartaches, fears, and troubles. But it is the movement  toward growth – and simultaneously away from our “unhelpful safety” – that enables life to advance.

As you make your way through this day, and this week, consider Maslow’s words. Turn some part of them into a mantra you can take with you. For example,

  • Forward to growth
  • Overcome fear
  • No going back
See how these mantras, or others, could supply you the energy you need to take continue your journey of losing and recreating yourself.
This Sunday, March 28, 2021 we’ll be exploring how we find, lose, and recreate ourselves. How we transform and transcend our way forward.

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