Memory of Abraham Maslow faded, not forgotten | BrandeisNOW

I have recently found it more and more useful to differentiate between two kinds (or better, degrees) of self-actualizing people, those who were clearly healthy, but with little or no experiences of transcendence, and those in whom transcendent experiencing was important and even central.

Abraham Maslow



Much has been made, and rightfully so, about the brilliant work of 20th century psychologist and philosopher, Abraham Maslow. His work and life stood for exploration and a desire to see human beings reach beyond mere existence into a transformative and transcendent life.

At the time of his death, Maslow was working on a new theory of humanity: Theory Z. Theory Z represented the pinnacle of human experience and expression. Maslow called more enlightened humans, “transcenders.” Transcenders have integrated all the other dynamics of life and simultaneously gone beyond them.

Transcenders also give themselves to creating a good and just society. They are not simply “healthy” people, but transformative – both at the individual and collective levels of human life.

Not only are such people lovable as are all of the most self-actualizing people, but they are also more awe-inspiring, more “unearthly,” more godlike, more “saintly”…, more easily revered…. Abraham Maslow

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