Ruptures are a daily occurrence in all our relationships and … our systems only need to receive resonance and reflection on the first try at connecting about 33 percent of the time to cultivate security. All the rest is optimally rupture and repair.

Bonnie Badenoch

Relationships are like dances in which people try to find whatever happens to be the mutual rhythm in their lives.

Fred Rogers

As humans we form attachments and without them we’d be lost. That’s because attachments teach us about ourselves and the world around us. They also teach us how to love. But attachments can also go wrong and lead to suffering. Life and love invite us to learn the difference between relationship connections that lead to love and those that lead to suffering.

Take a few minutes today to breathe deeply and reconnect with the power of health attachments. Ask yourself: Am I attached in ways that bring suffering to me or to others? Choose the healthy side of attachment today.

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