There are all kinds of churches –

each with its own personality and identity, it’s own strengths and weaknesses. Part of our identity at Aldea is that we’re seeking to be genuinely a community of people united not so much by the specific details of what we believe, but by the way we live out our beliefs in the world. In this way, we’re a progressive Christian church, a community of seekers who long to live in the way of Jesus and hold love as our highest value.

What do we mean when we say “Love. Period.”

Love. Period. is our way of saying that faith is about how we live and how we love. Faith is not about what you believe; it’s not about believing the right things. It’s about relating to God and those around you with an expansive, inclusive love—and putting that love into action. Although beliefs are important; love is essential.

We encourage everyone to get involved and share the experience. Here are a few ideas on how to do just that…

Enjoy the Party:

The first step into Aldea is to come on Sunday mornings and enjoy the party! We strive to make every Sunday morning gathering both fun and full of meaning. From the music to the messages and the opportunities we create for response and participation, Sundays are a party! We invite you to enjoy the Aldea experience, and we encourage you to spread the word! Invite your friends to the party with you.

Feel the Love:

A second step we encourage you to take is simply to feel the love! “Love. Period.” is more than a slogan at Aldea; it’s a statement of our identity. We view love as life’s highest value and the truest expression of faith. Many Aldea events are designed with this truth in mind. Whether it’s a book discussion group, a spiritual formation experience, or a karaoke night, you’re invited to love and be loved by those around you. We encourage you to look for opportunities to participate—to make friends and find real community. Take the initiative to make this happen!

Explore Your Path:

A third step has to do with the exploration of your spiritual path. Spirituality is the unique way you view and practice your faith. As you interact with people, ideas and practices, your faith is shaped and it shapes you. We encourage you to explore the spiritual path that fits who you are while learning from other people and other perspectives. We offer a variety of formal and informal experiences that become environments for exploration and that encourage life in the way of Jesus. The more you seek, the richer your spirituality becomes.

Use Your Voice:

A fourth step at Aldea is about expression. The more you take the first three steps, the more you will discover your way to express yourself and your faith. We call it finding your voice. Finding your voice is about serving and leading others. It’s about discovering what you’re good at and giving those talents and gifts away to make the world a better place. There are a number of ways to get involved in the Aldea community. But beyond that, we encourage you to use your unique gifts in everyday life. No one else can be you. No one else has your voice. We want to help you use it.

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