Our Values

“Aldea” means village, and what holds our village together are common values  

rather than common beliefs. While we draw from various spiritual & religious traditions, 

you won’t find doctrine or dogma here. 

We are passionate about living with meaning and purpose,
holding love as life’s highest value.

We affirm that how we live out our faith in daily life is far more important than the specific beliefs we hold. Therefore, we seek to live with mindfulness, empathy, and gratitude, with a special emphasis on love. This is where we get our motto: Love, Period. 

We find science and spirituality to not only be compatible, but complementary.

For thousands of years, pre-scientific humans used metaphorical and artistic language to articulate some of life’s greatest mysteries. In our modern age, we now have the capacity to understand far more about our universe than any who came before us. Still, there will always be a sense of mystery and wonder at that which has yet-to-be-discovered. We think of spirituality as a way of honoring the mysteries of the cosmos and the rich experience of being human. 

We value the diverse wisdom of various religions and spiritual paths.

Like science, we find the core wisdom of various religious traditions to complement one another; sharing in the themes of love, compassion, and unity. The etymological definition of “religion” is “to reconnect to the whole”, and we value practices & concepts that help us find wholeness among one another and within ourselves. 

We believe that social justice is a central theme of spirituality.

The great spiritual teachers – such as Jesus & Buddha – point us towards compassion and service as a deeply spiritual way of being. At Aldea, we are committed to this process. This commitment leads us to partner with local organizations on the front-lines of bringing a compassionate response to human suffering and furthering the work of social justice.

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