Peter Ocsody, Ph.D.


Peter Ocsody, co-founder of The RocketLoungeI grew up in Hungary. Interestingly, the word for breathing – which is inseparable from our soul – in Hungarian is “lelekzes” which could be translated as breathing of the soul. My father had great interest in yoga and mind-body coordination and he had talked to me about it as I grew up.

He took me to my first martial arts (Judo and Aikido) class when I was 8 years old. My interest in mind-body coordination and the mysteries of spirituality developed as I got to my late teen years. My experiences during my military service further deepened my interest and as I got to college, I was actively seeking my path of spiritual development.

After varied excursions of different techniques, I found TM. Of course, that was only possible because at that time the Pan-European Picnic happened and Hungary opened up to transform from socialistic to democratic form of government. Therefore, TM teachers from Maharishi International University (MIU) were able/allowed to come to Hungary and teach transcendental meditation.

Once I learned TM (1990), I offered the TM teachers my help to spread the knowledge of TM and the Vedic Science in Hungary. As a university student I had access to university facilities and resources and soon the university became the center for teaching TM. In 1991 I also learned one of the advanced forms of TM called the TM Siddhi Program. As part of practicing TM and TM Siddhi, I also learned asanas (specific physical movements) and pranayama (specific breathing techniques) exercises.

During my work with the teachers I heard several lectures from several well-known scientists from Maharishi International University (like the university’s president – Dr. John Hagelin – who is one of the leading quantum physicists in the world) and became interested in studying at that university.

In 1991 fall, I left Hungary to study at MIU (Fairfield, IA). I spent the next 8 years at MIU studying for my MBA and PhD degrees. During my studies, I learned more advanced forms of TM and participated in several large meditation events (several thousand practitioners meditating in one location) in different parts of the US to demonstrate the field effect of TM called the Maharishi Effect.

Beside TM and my studies, I continued pursuing martial arts learning several techniques from Japan (Judo, Aikido, Shitoriu), China (Wing Chun) and Korea (Taekwondo), however, ultimately I decided to stick with Taekwondo.

In 2001, I moved to Naples, FL with my family and for the next 15 years I extensively traveled the world. Additionally, in Naples, FL, I found an excellent Taekwondo school with some outstanding instructors and people. This past January I celebrated my 20th anniversary in that school, now, a fifth degree black belt and a certified instructor. Around the end of 2014, I decided that I want to re-enter – and hopefully finish – my PhD studies which I discontinued in 2000 when my daughter was born. In November 2014, I became a student again, and in June 2019, I received my doctoral diploma from Dr. John Hagelin who inspired me in 1991 to study at MIU.