The Aldea Community Invites You to Take The Seeker's Challenge

Lose Your Way. Find Your Guides. Make Your Path

“A well-lived life is spiritual.”

Dave Fleming, Ph.D.

A spiritual seeker leaves the path of rigid dogma and easy answers. Instead, she embarks on the rewarding journey of transcendence (I go beyond my current understanding) and transformation (I change in order to better live and serve).

As seekers, we learn that losing our way opens us to new possibilities and potential. On the path, we find new guides that point out the terrain but encourage us to make our own way. The path of the seeker calls us to a life of deeper meaning, community, and purpose.

The Seeker's Challenge Will Help You:

  • Deepen your spiritual connection to yourself and others
  • Explore ideas and insights that expand your conscious awareness
  • Cultivate a wisdom that transforms you
  • Catch a fresh vision for how your spirituality can enliven your everyday life
  • Learn more about Aldea and our approach to spirituality

How it Works

Just click on Day One below to get started.