Can you see a bigger vision for Aldea? I can. I see an Aldea filled with people from all over the country. I see them gathering online (and one day back on ground) to explore spirituality.
Millions of people “freelance” their spirituality because they are are tired of neat and tidy beliefs; dogmas peddled with fear and guilt attached. These people often shy away from spiritual conversations because they don’t want to deal with the hassle of arguments or worse. So they “freelance” their spirituality. But freelancing can only take any of us so far. We need a place to learn and grow with others. We need a safe and diverse community where we can share our journey.


Aldea is that kind of place.

Aldea is a place to explore wisdom, wherever that wisdom is found. We value the best from religious and spiritual traditions. But we also see the nonsense peddled by religions. We want nothing to do with that. We believe in facts and science. We also believe there is more to life than what can be measured. There is mystery; a mystery we want to explore and experience.
We don’t judge you if you believe in God or if you don’t. You’re absolutely welcome either way. What we desire is this: to live lives of wisdom and love. We want to be virtuous people who make a difference in our world. Or as we like to say: Love Period.And we want to do all of this, together.

If you’re new to Aldea, welcome. We are glad you’ve chosen to explore with us.

If you’re part of Aldea, who might you invite to join us? So many people crave a place like Aldea. Be the link that connects a seeker to Aldea. Invite them to join you in the search.

Can you see that bigger vision? Let’s think beyond what is to what could be.