Hello Aldea Tribe,

This Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 10 am AZ time, we continue our Sunday (Zoom) Series: Put Yourself in Their Souls: Confront Racism and Work to Create a Just Society. 

To act in anti racist ways, we must develop and practice empathy. Empathy is not a vague feeling of pity for another. Rather, empathy is an active virtue that requires me to change my behavior to address the plight of the oppressed.

Join us as we meditate together,  and reflect  on the dangerous power of empathy. 

To receive the zoom link for this Sunday’s gathering, watch for the Aldea newsletter. The link will be in newsletters we send out between now and Sunday. If you are new to Aldea and would like to join us, simply sign up for our newsletter on our website.


Dave Fleming, Ph.D.

Senior Spiritual Leader