For most of us,     walking into a church for the first time is almost   as difficult as the idea of speaking in public. We   have many questions; often an equal number of   concerns. Will the people be friendly-but not too   friendly? Will they be normal or will there be a   bunch of creepers? Will they welcome me   without watching me? On and on the list could   go. Here’s what you can expect at Aldea:

  • We’re a fairly new community-full of energy and enthusiasm; there are enough people to make it fun, but not so many that you’ll get completely lost in the crowd.
  • We’re progressive in our faith – everyone’s welcome.
  • Seriously. Everyone.
  • We don’t have an agenda for you, your life, your faith, or your money. Our desire is to create a safe place for people to explore and enjoy a connection to God through their faith.

We’re committed to making Sundays both enjoyable and meaningful. The feel of our gatherings is casual and quintessentially southern Arizona. The music is full of vitality, and you’re just as likely to hear something from classic rock or the Blues as you are to hear a song that references God and matters of faith. The band rocks. Much of our music is original and feels uniquely Aldea.

The messages on Sunday are practical, inspiring, and aimed at helping you live the best life possible. We’re usually in the middle of some multi-week series focused on a question, an issue, a challenge, or something to move us forward in our lives.

The best way to experience Aldea, of course, is just stop by some Sunday. If you want to be extra safe, come a couple minutes late and sit in the back close to the door! It’s okay; we get that. You’re welcome here, and we’d love to see you become part of the fun.