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“I know I don’t want to go to church, and for the most part religious beliefs don’t interest me at all. But I can’t tell you how often my friends and I wish for a place where we could explore spirituality without the bullshit.”

As I listened to my friend on the other side of the phone, energy surged through my body and a smile formed on my face.

“You need to check out Aldea,” came my reply.

For the next few minutes my friend and I talked about the vision of Aldea:


Aldea works to transform the way seekers of wisdom, well-being, and spirituality (in the US and beyond) find, create, and sustain enriching “glocal” community where they can together explore wisdom without dogma in order change themselves and their worlds.


As you read the sentence above you might ask, what the heck does glocal mean? Believe it or not, that’s a real word. I did not make it up; though I enjoy making up words. But not this one. Glocal is a perspective of a situation that takes into consideration both the local and global perspectives.


In My Humble Opinion...: April 2010

Aldea is local in that we want to support small groups of seekers all across our country and beyond. We want to spread the message that non-sectarian, grace-filled, reason-centered, exploration-rich, community is possible. You can create it with your friends – exploring, serving, and socializing together. Simultaneously you can be a part of the larger Aldea community;  a vibrant national (and beyond) movement to reshape how people live out their lives with wisdom, meaning, and purpose – with love at the center. Or as we say, Love. Period.

This is what, in different words, I said to my friend on the phone. Then, when we hung up the phone, I immediately texted him the link to week one of our current series, Reset: Reewning a Weary Life. I encouraged him to watch it and he did. Now I want to help him share Aldea with others, start an Aldea group, and change the world.

Can you see it?

Who do you know that needs you to send them the link to week one and two of our current series? Do it now. Invite them to join the movement. Let’s bring the future into the present and share Aldea with those who seek it.