Life is full of ups and downs. We all feel the roller-coaster like twists and turns that sometimes feel adventurous and sometimes make us queasy. No one knew this better than the ancient stoic philosopher Seneca. Born into  privilege, only to be banished by the wrath of the emperor Claudias, and then returning to prominence as the tutor and advisor to Nero, and eventually sentenced to death as Nero’s paranoia grew, Seneca certainly experienced the highs and lows of life.


Through it all Seneca found well-being and meaning through a deeply spiritual and wisdom-centered tradition, Stoicism. Stoicism invites humans to recognize the gift of the present, the futility of living in the past or the future, the impermanent nature of life, and the joy that comes from virtue and wisdom.

Because Seneca was a teacher and a writer, many of his words have been preserved through the centuries. We now can benefit from his thinking and the many gifts of stoicism. This Sunday, we’ll explore a powerful saying from one of Seneca’s letters:

No one was ever wise by chance

Join us as we consider the power of this saying and other related insights from this sage teacher from the past.

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Join us this week as we consider the power of pursuing wisdom.