Today the Aldea community continues the series: Calm: Finding Stillness Where You Are. In this series, we’re exploring the anatomy of calm and how to make it a reality in our lives, how nature has a unique calming ability, how to be calm @ work, and how body based practices lead us deeper into calm. 

In today’s conversation, Susan Weber joins to talk about finding calm in and through the body. Susan’s wealth of knowledge and experience as a massage therapist, workshop facilitator, and body-work practitioner, was a perfect match for this important conversation about the body and the spiritual practice of caring for it. 

In the late 80’s, I traveled to the SW to study the healing arts in Santa Fe after a ten year career in social work, in N Michigan. Falling in love with the mountains, mesas, and wide open spaces, allowed my spirit to soar and led me in a new direction for my own healing and new career as a massage therapist. I had been practicing yoga and studied to become a teacher a few years later, then moving to the Abiquiu area on the Chama River in the mid 90’s, put Ghost Ranch on my radar. I helped start the massage and wellness program there in 1997, eventually adding yoga classes, guided hikes, teaching a course for Jan term, and then my own week-long workshops. This all adds up to a total of 23 years of involvement at Ghost Ranch I am happy and proud to say!

Besides having my private practice, I worked many years at a renowned spa in Santa Fe called Ten Thousand Waves, and I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to many amazing places teaching wellness and doing massage aboard NG Lindblad Expeditions!
                                  Susan Weber

There are both audio and video versions of the conversation. The audio conversation can be listened to in its entirety by clicking the audio file (at the bottom of this page). The video version is separated into three videos: a guided meditation (this is not on the audio version), the main conversation, and an After-Cast that augments the main conversation with more insights to explore. 

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