Today the Aldea community continues our series: Reset: Renewing a Weary Life. Each week of July, early on Sunday morning, we’ll post the next installment of the series.  Each week includes the main podcast, an after-cast with bonus content, and a reflective group guide. In this installment, we sat down with three conversationalists to explore the dynamic of re-creation and how it can lead to renewal. 

The main conversation and After-Cast are below. You can control the pacing of the experience by stopping and advancing the videos as you see fit. After you watch, download the guide and use it as an on ramp for personal reflection or group discussion. Don’t feel like you have to cover everything in the guide. It’s meant to stimulate thoughts and conversation. Use it to support your own exploration. 

Week Three Podcast

Timestamps are located in the video below

The After-Cast Bonus Material